camille-in-qualicum Every writer I know began as a reader. And not just readers of magazines, novels and papers but someone who really loved the magic of a good book. Reading touched their lives in some way and made the idea of writing books so intriguing, it almost became their destiny to write.

By age two, I had asked for the story of Cinderella so many times, I had the entire book memorized, even to the point of knowing when to turn the pages. My mom said she had great fun with me in supermarkets, saying “Of course she knows how to read, she’s two!”

Another early favorite was “Mrs. Ducks Lovely Day” by Vivienne Blake, and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, and ebay, I now have a copy to read to my children.

As I reached preteen years I loved Judy Blume’s novels and stories about Trixie Beldon (by Julie Campbell and Kathryn Kenny). I read everyone I could get my hands on, all of which still sit on my bookshelf for my next generation of readers. In my teens I discovered romance novels, the great Agatha Christie, Harold Robbins, Danielle Steel and the classics. Two favorites there are Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” and Jane Austen’s “Persuasion”.

Well, I don’t know if writing is my destiny but it definitely is my passion. I love to sit down and write out my thoughts and then go back and read a piece I’ve written and think, wow! did I really write that? (Though, more often than not it’s, eeekkk! did I really write that?) But even the lousy writing has been writing.

If there was a bible for writers, two of the main quotes would be:

  1. write every day
  2. you can’t edit a blank page

Being a wife and mother, daughter, sister, aunt and someone who works part-time as well, I don’t always get the opportunity to write on paper everyday. Let face it, life is busy! But there is one thing I do, that I think improves my writing just the same and that is to think about my writing every day.

I keep my characters in my mind, like I would a close friend and I think about their story, their life, their loves, their problems, their joys and losses. This is the part of writing that fuels me, that sustains me through the sagging middle of each novel and the countless re-writes and edits both from editors and CP’s and even more so– the self-imposed re-writes. The creation of characters and their stories is the best part of writing for me and whether people love my work or hate it, (and of course I hope they like it!)the passion of writing will sustain.

So thank you for stopping by and getting to know a little about me. If you like, hop over to my “blog” page to leave me a message or drop me an e-mail as I always love to hear from fellow writers and readers, and come back and visit me soon.