Hello and Welcome to my home on the net! I’m so glad you dropped in, pour yourself a cup of tea and browse a bit. Don’t forget to nibble on a brownie too, they’re cyber so no calories:)

I’m thrilled to announce, my first novel, A Claim on Her Heart is available now from Wings Press Inc. Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

A brothel is no place to call home. Especially, if you are a young woman living a lie in the wild gold rush town of Barkerville. Jolian Grayson is determined to follow her dreams even if the rules of society force her into a life she doesn’t want to live. But keeping up appearances won’t be easy once Cooper Holt stakes a claim on her heart.

Here’s is the cover of Claim, I absolutley adore it! It is a perfect representation of Jolian and her strength and vulnerability.

Click here to read an excerpt

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